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3rd quarter 2014

Newsletter Employment Law

Reconciliation of interests

Trusting the power of representation of the works council chair
(Higher Labour Court (LAG) of Hamm, decision of 04/12/2013 4 Sa 530/13)

Adoption of resolutions by the works council after a change of the agenda

Change in case law: Lack of summons does not necessarily
result in invalidity of works council resolutions
(Federal Labour Court (BAG) decision of 22/01/2014 7 AS 6/13)

Fixed term employment contracts with members of the works council

A works council member can be entitled to a permanent employment contract under the prohibition against discrimination pursuant to section 78 sentence 2 of the Works Constitution Act (BetrVG) if the employee's activity on the works council constitutes the sole reason for not making the employment relationship a permanent one (Federal Labour Court (BAG), decision of 25/06/2014 7 AZR 847/12)

Principle of certainty when constituting a conciliation committee

A conciliation committee is not to be constituted if the works council includes in its application both topics subject to co-determination and topics not subject to co-determination (Higher Labour Court (LAG) of Schleswig-Holstein, court order of 21/01/2014 1 TaBV 47/13)

Transfer of companies

Lapsing of the right to oppose a company transfer
(Federal Labour Court (BAG), decision of 17/10/2013 8 AZR 974/12)

Holiday entitlement

Accrual during unpaid leave
(Federal Labour Court (BAG), decision of 06/05/2014 9 AZR 679/12))



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